Exclusive Private Speyside Tour

Exclusive Private Speyside Tour

Exclusive Private Speyside Tour

Speyside is an area of outstanding natural beauty which offers the opportunity to catch sight of varied wildlife. The farming land gives way to moors as we climb towards the mountains, the source of that magic Water of Life the base for our Whisky! This area has whisky connoisseurs dizzy just passing the gates of Aberlour - Balvenie - Benromach - Cardhu - GlenGrant - Glenfiddich - The Glenlivet - The Macallan - and the list goes on, more than forty of the BEST!! We drive through Dufftown and decide which road to take. They all lead to one distillery or another, maybe Glenfiddich for a tour and a dram and a coffee. Sometimes wishing that an earlier call to Bill could have been made so the wee neighbour, next door, Balvenie, could have been booked (you need to book a good number of weeks ahead to arrange a tour there). On to Aberlour, their friendly staff always ready to offer advice and a wee tasting. Or, perhaps we just have time to pop into the Cooperage to see the barrels being assembled - a big part of the maturing process. On to GlenGrant, before the spectacular, state of the art site that is now The Macallan, with their impressive reception facility. Maybe Glenlivet to finish before a wonderful run home through the moors and mountains providing special memories of the day.

What will be seen/done during the tour:

Our tour itinerary is dependent on our client’s wishes but normally they request a tour of castles, distilleries and Scottish scenery and often a mix of all three.

Duration of Tour:

The average tour is for an eight-hour period but we have more local tours of two hours upwards. We can also do longer tours incurring overnight stays if required.

What is included in the tour:

Our tours embrace Aberdeen’s history, architecture, fishing, farming and wonderful scenery. Our varied coastline with fishing villages on sandy beaches, to the rugged rock formations supporting Dunnottor Castle.

Tour departure:

Our tour departure point is Aberdeen, but we also uplift from most other surrounding towns. We uplift and drop off at the client’s respective hotels.

From £30.00 hour, per person.

Payment Options

We will gladly accept online payments, as well as cash.

Have a Question?

Please feel free to ask for any further information.

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